Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Nemesis

Meet my knitting nightmare. Now I know it is a beautiful sweater, but OMG the errata attached to it is amazing!

I bought this pattern about 3 years ago in Springfield. My bff attempted to have me knit this bad boy in the round.  As most knitters know, new projects came up, time went by, bff did not have as much time as she used to to sit by my side and explain the whole knitting in the round theory and so it ended up in a lovely basket.

New resolution for 2013: "Finish what you start"

1st project:This lovely sweater.

1st problem: Where in the hell did we leave off?  You want me to do what with that area that sitting on waste yarn??? Why are all those stitch markers on this project?

2nd problem: Do I have it in me to rip out approximately 22" of already knitted sweater?? Answer: YES I DO! It was liberating and it was time to begin again.

Wait until you see what I have done....................

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