Monday, December 27, 2010

Its Over!

Well my 46th Christmas is over and done. I must say I am glad and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Having teenagers in general is rough but having teenagers around the holidays is even rougher. Its seems every problem is bigger during the holidays and we have had our share this year. The expectations of what they want, what you should get them and what you can afford to get them is very stressful. Plus the fact that Rodney and I seem to always to put each other on the back burner cause there is either no time left or no money left. I miss opening presents from him and I miss the surprise of opening presents. Alright we begin again and hope for the best!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Held Hostage

This is the most recent picture of myself since I have been locked in my home without my car. I have changed a lot since I have been held hostage without my car. Chase hit the curb on Forrest Park hill Wednesday night and broke my tire and tire rod. When I called to check on the status of my car Saturday, they still had not had a chance to look at it as they are very busy I was told. I have no car. Why is it if my car was in the garage I would probably not want to go anywhere, but since I have no car I want to go out and do stuff. I really have no stuff to do its just the principle of it. I have no car. My captors wouldn't even let me go to knit night last Thursday. I have no car.................

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I want you to meet Rose. She is my mom's mom and this is her high school graduation photo from 1933 when she was 18. Its weird how you just think of your grandma as this older lady who you saw a couple times a year when you went to visit. Its weird to think that at one time she was a teenager who was absolutely beautiful, who had boyfriends and girlfriends and who had hopes and dreams of her own.

I am sad to say I never really knew her and never took the time so sit and talk to her. I guess its because I was so young myself when she was alive and never really felt a connection to her, the way my kids feel towards my mom. The big difference is that she lived in Iowa while we lived in Illinois.

I wish I knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. I wish I knew what she liked to do, what hobbies she had, what movies she liked. What kinds of boys she liked, was it love at first site when she met my grandpa. What kinds of things did they do.

There was a fire at their house so there are not a lot of pictures of both of them. I would love to know what their wedding was like, what she wore.

The one thing I do know is that she raised a wonderful person who turned out to be my mom. If she was still here or if I could tell her one thing, it would be thank you for my mom, you would be really proud of her and how she turned out.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Its the most wonderful time of the year!

This picture makes me laugh out loud! The look on Shelby's face is how I feel most of the time. She even has her arms crossed to complete the look. She is still accessorized properly though, she has her candy necklace on and her purse just in case.

Chase looks so happy and carefree, I must have given him money to look like that.

Christmas is a whole different ball game now that they are teenagers, but Shelby still looks like that most of the time so some memories will always stay fresh in my mind.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cheerleaders Girls

Oh how things come back around when you get older. Shelby was a cheerleader for Halloween 10 years ago when she was 5. How cute is that outfit!

Fast forward 10 years and now Shelby is a cheerleader her Freshman year in high school! This picture was taken homecoming weekend when she was all dolled up.

Not a big fan most cheerleaders as I had my fair share of them in high school, too many Brittanys, Stephanies, Tiffanys, gag me's, but I think Shelby looks too cute for words and I know this brings out her feminine side. Over the years Shelby went on to be a ballerina, a cat, a witch (twice), (hey we might have something there) and my favorite was the year she was a flapper and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Everyone needs a little girl to dress up on Halloween, its awesome. Love you honey!