Monday, September 5, 2011

The Gift

Now don't get me wrong, I have been given some totally awesome gifts in my life, but the quilt you see here was handmade by my friend Kathy. About a year ago, I admitted to myself that I would never be the quilter I wanted to be, but I had seen this quilt on the cover of a magazine and knew it was mine. I asked Kathy if I bought all the fabric would she do me the honor of making it as she is a gifted quilter as you can see for yourself. Throughout the next year I thought little about my quilt (well ok maybe I thought of it a few times!) but never said a word to her about it as I knew when it was done, I would be be told. She finished my quilt in August and even had her sister quilt it for me. I was presented with my quilt and it was love a first sight. I cannot ever say enough thanks to this truly remarkable woman who made this quilt. I get teary eyed whenever I look at it as it is a thing of beauty and was made for me by a woman I love. I wish there were words better than "thank you" that I could say to her to express how much I appreciate all the time and energy Kathy put into this quilt. My last wish is to be buried with my quilt as I want to sit up in heaven wrapped in it and knit for eternity! xxoxoxo my dear friend Kathy.

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